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Sharing Ashurah (Noah's Pudding) with Fairfax County Police Department

According to Muslim tradition, when the waters of the Great Flood began to recede, Prophet Noah and his family are said to have gathered up all of the food remaining on the Ark and made a delicious pudding out of it. ‘Ashurah’ is the name given to this dish. It is also known as ‘Noah's Pudding’.

In remembrance of Prophet Noah and in thanksgiving to God, the people of Anatolia and other Muslims have made it a custom to prepare this pudding on this day and share it with neighbors and friends.

We felt great joy sharing Ashurah (Noah’s Pudding) with Fairfax County Police Department Chief and Officers. We were warmly hosted. We talked about the history and the meaning of this dessert. The Officers kindly guided us through the museum. Everyone seemed to enjoy the exchange!

We thank all Officers and first responders for their hard work and sacrifice and wish them safe and good health.


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