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'Heart & Minds' Book Talk

We had the pleasure to host the Book Talk event for the "Hearts & Minds" book with the participation of the great author and scholar Vincent N. Parrillo on September 28th.

His presentation ran so smoothly that people listened like a poem. After the Q&A session, the author signed the books and had a warm conversation with the audience.

Some info on the book;

'Heart & Minds' is a comparative, qualitative research study of an educational phenomenon still functioning worldwide: Hizmet. Dr. Parrillo and Dr. Ansari present a cross-cultural study of Hizmet schools in seven countries of varying histories and ethnic compositions. Some are fairly homogeneous, while others are longstanding multicultural, multiracial societies. Some have Muslim-majority populations, others a small Muslim minority. Through hundreds of interviews with students, parents, staff, and financial supporters, the authors explored individual perceptions and experiences, as well as the triad of student/parent/school interaction. Analyzing the commonality of the schools' structures and processes in different settings, they offer their insights about the schools' success in achieving their twin goals of offering quality education and promoting interethnic harmony.


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