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Grand Ramadan Tent

The ATFA (American Turkish Friendship Association) organized a grand Ramadan tent event at the Fairfax Presbyterian Church on April 19th, which turned out to be a massive success with over 1200 people in attendance. The event was open to people of all backgrounds and aimed to promote cultural exchange and foster community relationships.

The Ramadan tent was beautifully decorated with colorful lights. The atmosphere was warm and hospitable as people gathered to experience the spirit of Ramadan.

Activities for kids were a highlight of the event, with face painting, arts and crafts, and games organized to keep the young ones entertained. Traditional Turkish music and performances added to the festive mood, and guests were treated to a variety of delicious Turkish and Middle Eastern cuisine, including savory kebabs, flavorful rice dishes, and sweet desserts.

The overwhelmingly positive response from the attendees was a testament to the success of the event. People were appreciative of the warm hospitality, engaging activities, and the opportunity to come together as a community. Many expressed gratitude for the cultural exchange and the chance to learn about Ramadan and Turkish culture in a welcoming and inclusive environment.

The ATFA's big Ramadan tent event at the Fairfax Presbyterian Church on April 19th was a memorable and successful event that brought people of different backgrounds together to celebrate Ramadan and promote understanding and friendship among communities.


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