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Fairfax County Ramadan Dinner

We had an absolutely amazing time at the Ramadan Dinner hosted by the American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) at the Fairfax County Government Center! The evening was filled with delicious homemade food, great conversations, and over 150 participants from various County departments, elected officials, law enforcement officers, first responders, faith and business communities.

A special shoutout to Chairman Jeff McKay for his inspiring keynote speech. During the event, ATFA was given a proclamation. It was truly heartwarming to see people from diverse backgrounds coming together to celebrate Ramadan and foster friendship and understanding.

The warm hospitality of the ATFA community and the incredible spread of homemade food made the evening truly special. It was a beautiful reminder of the power of community and how shared experiences can bring people closer. Grateful for the opportunity to be the host of such an inclusive and meaningful event.

Thank you to each and everyone who joined us. Looking forward to more such gatherings that promote unity, friendship, and understanding among communities.


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