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Calligraphy Workshop

The literal meaning of the Turkish word for calligraphy (hat) is line or way. In essence, Husn-i Hat comprises beautiful lines inscribed with reed pens on paper using ink from soot.

Turkish calligraphists have always made the paper, pens, and ink they used. The paper used to be painted with natural dyes. Then it was polished with boiled starch and egg white. The paper dressed in this way allowed for easy correcting of mistakes. Pens were made of hard reeds. Bigger pens (known as “celi”) were made of wood. To produce ink, the calligraphists used to burn materials such as pine and linseed oils.

On Saturday, December 10th, to display this historical art, ATFA hosted a talented artist Bunyamin Aysan to give a talk about traditional Calligraphy. Aysan presented the historical background, styles, and techniques of calligraphy art and his story of how he started his art. After his presentation, he demonstrated a live calligraphy performance.

The participants got their names written on paper or specially decorated plates.

Art is a perfect way to appreciate, enjoy and come together.


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