An event dedicated to Nowruz holiday took place in Ernst Community Cultural Center located in NOVA Annandale campus on March 17, 2013, organized by joint efforts of American Turkish Friendship Association (ATFA) and Eurasian American Cultural Association (EACA). Over 1,000 guests participated in this event, including distinguished guests such as Ambassador of Azerbaijan in the USA, H.E. Elin Suleymanov, Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan in the USA, H.E. Mukhtar Djumaliev, Counselor of Turkish Embassy in Washington, D.C., Behic Hatipoglu, Counselor of Embassy of Kazakhstan in Washington, D.C., Nurgali Arystanov, Chairman of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Sharon Bulova, Supervisor John Cook, and Virginia delegates Ken Plum and Bob Brink.

After tasting traditional food of Turkic nations, guests continued to view display corners of Azerbaijan, Turkey, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan and familiarize themselves with certain elements of each culture. Subsequently, President of EACA, Nadir Shafiyev, gave an opening speech welcoming the guests in the name of ATFA and EACA, after which guests enjoyed being entertained by various folklore performances, like traditional dance and music of countries listed above.

Later on, some of the distinguished guests were invited to give speeches. Chairman of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Sharon Bulova, thanked ATFA and EACA for organizing the event, and expressed how delighted she was to see such diverse, but united community in her district. Supervisor John Cook also noted that he was thankful for being invited to such an event, and that he was very pleased with Turkic nations of his district for making it happen. Ambassador of Kyrgyzstan, H.E. Mukhtar Djumaliev, who said that it was his second time participating in this annual Nowruz celebration, underlined the importance of Nowruz for Turkic nations after thanking for the organization of the event. Last but not the least, Ambassador of Azerbaijan, H.E. Elin Suleymanov emphasized that there have been many Nowruz celebrations in American community in the past; however, this was the first one with such wide audience that included many nations.

As the closing part of the event, distinguished guests and performers sang the Turkish song “Eski Dostlar” (“Old Friends”) and thanked the guests for participating.