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Luncheon Speaker Series

“Healthy Eating: making better dietary choices” by Dr. Gewa

Assistant professor at George Mason University, Dr. Constance Gewa spoke at ATFA on the topic Healthy Eating: Making Better Dietary Choices. Dr. Gewa underlined some of the most common nutritional problems of our day, and gave our audience useful tips on how to avoid them.    [vsw id="64582419" source="vimeo" width="425" height="344" autoplay="no"]   [gallery link="file" ids="3327,3333,3335,3338,3343,3347,3351,3350,3330"]

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“Social Media and Its Effects on Kids and Teenagers” with Assistant Professor Dr. Mutlu

Ass. Prof. Dr. Necmettin Mutlu spoke at ATFA within American Turkish Friendship Association's Luncheon Speaker Series on March, 24, 2013. Dr. Mutlu discussed the topic "Social Media and Its Effects on Kids and Teenagers". He warned parents about the dangers of the internet, such as addiction, cause of procrastination and predators. Dr. Mutlu talked about symptoms of internet addiction, and gave several pieces of advice on how to prevent the internet

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Sergeant Cox: “Illegal Drug Identification and Current Drug Trends in Our Communities”

Sergeant Cox spoke at ATFA about Illegal Drug Identification and Current Trends in Our Communities as a featured speaker within ATFA Luncheon Speaker Series on February 16, 2013. This presentation was aimed at aiding parents and community members to better recognize illegal drugs that plague our society.  Knowledge is Power therefore we must know what types of illegal drugs have infiltrated our communities so to better protect our children, family

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Luncheon: “Fighting Violence” by Prof. Lester Kurtz

Professor at George Mason University, Lester Kurtz spoke on the topic of Fighting Violence as a part ATFA’s Luncheon Speaker Series on January 31, 2013. Ph.D. Kurtz talked about different models of struggle against violence, while pointing out the inefficiency of fighting it with more violence. He noted that violence, in fact, is hard to do, however when it becomes institutionalized, it becomes hard to counter.  Professor Kurtz also mentioned

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“How Obama won the 2012 Presidential Elections? Expectations for his new term” with Dr.Klara A. Bilgin

Klara A. Bilgin (Ph.D, Johns Hopkins University, 2006) is an independent political researcher working in Washington, DC. Her recent work focuses on the processes of regime change and elections in Eastern Europe and the Eurasia. Dr. Bilgin has taught at SUNY- Geneseo, Western Illinois University and the College of St Mary’s, MD. She has worked as an election observer on a number of OSCE missions around the world, and has most recently participated

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