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Intercultural Trips

Latest Study Trip to Turkey & Blanket Drive & Sister City Initiative

ATFA has just organized a successful study trip to Turkey with local legislatures for ten days. The trip included visits to historic sites, cultural family dinners, as well as official meetings with Turkish counterparts. The meetings consisted of Governors, Mayors, Business Chambers and local entrepreneurs to discuss bilateral common actions. The study trip participants along with MAFTAA Executive Director Mahmut Yeter, paid a visit to the Syrian

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Intercultural Trip to Turkey with Fairfax County officials – 2013

Fairfax County Supervisors John Cook and and John Foust, County Attorney David Bobzien and Deputy Executive David Rohrer visited Turkey this summer within ATFA's (American Turkish Friendship Association) Intercultural Trip program. While on this trip, elected and appointed officials of Fairfax County met with some government officials of Turkey such as members of National Grand Assembly of Turkey, officials from Prime-Minister's office of Foreign

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Intercultural Trip to TURKEY – October 5-14, 2012

ATFA and MAFTAA organized an intercultural trip to TURKEY at the beginning of October. The trip began on the 5th of October and concluded on the 14th of October. The group spent 9 days touring the country (Istanbul, Ankara, Izmir, Kayseri), visiting historical sites such as the Hagia Sophia, Blue Mosque and the Ephesus ruins, as well as meeting with government officials, CEOs of NGO’s and local and multi-national corporations, and representatives

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ATFA Sends Delegation of Virginia Legislators to Turkey – May, 2012

Every year, ATFA selects community leaders and officials to attend our annual trips to Turkey. On May 4th, 2012, ATFA sent a delegation of legislators to Turkey to promote intercultural relations and increased cooperation between the U.S, the State of Virginia, Fairfax County - and Turkey!   This delegation included Sharon Bulova, Chairman of Fairfax County Board of Supervisors, Lou DeFalaise, Senators Richard L. Saslaw, Eleanor Saslaw, Senator

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Intercultural Trip

ATFA has outlined the following specific objectives for the project: - To introduce and provide broad exposure to cultural, social, economic, educational and political issues in Turkey. - To gain an understanding of relevant topics including Turkey’s  trade, economic development & finance, remarkable educational achievements of Turkish civil society, religious diversity, minority rights and foreign policy. - To promote intercultural understanding

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